Reformation of Wicker Stools – for Modern & Antique Style Bars Bistros

Apr 12, 2011

The handcrafted wicker stools are the beautiful furniture that adorns your bar counter. These pieces are finished under detailed skills and techniques, thus in various beautiful designs and patterns. The lovely stool is enhancing the esthetical value of a bar, whether in commercial bar or home bar. It adds the sophistication of bar décor, especially for bars that come with large space. In previous centuries where the stool like wicker vanity stool is an item to show off the luxurious life for a family. The stool has been developed with best quality wicker as well as embellished with expensive stones and steel, for example the stool has been crafted with diamonds and gold. The stool is treated as part of party setting, for formal proms and grandeur gala during that time.

The revolution of wicker stool comes later when modern features have been applied to the stool. What kind of “modern features” that we’re talking about? Actually there two main features applied to the stool. First the stool has been reformatted on its quality which is the sturdiness and durability. As far as concern it has been undergone quality control to ensure the piece last longer for a space. The stool has been soaking into specialized chemical to prevent the stool from damage of insects and fungus and later on has been varnished to retain its outlook. The varnish is to offer smooth and sleek looking of the stool, thus is to protect the stool from weather changes and polluters like dusts, particles, smoke etc.

The second reformation on wicker counter stool is more on its exterior. The first reformation is more on the quality and strength of the stool, indeed. Thereby more patterns have been recommended to the stool and the artisan will weave the stool follow the blueprint as drafted. Thus these stools have been painted to offer varieties. For example the white wicker stool is a classy collection for bars and bistros that designed in white. Perhaps the wicker stools are the perfect addition for vintage style bar. Moreover the stool has been attached with different feature of stool cushion. The cushion is playing two main roles; one is to offer a better seat, by protecting your back mainly. Secondly the cushion is aid to embellish the stool to make the stool looks better. For example the white stools kitchen has been enhanced with nice floral print stool cushion to match with the kitchen décor. Thus the cushion is also backed you up when you need total rest for your body.

wicker stools(Picture Source: Home Wicker Bar Stools)

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