After getting in new bed and wardrobe to your bedroom, the next furniture you should include is a piece of multi-functioning bedroom storage bench. What make this piece important for bedroom setting? It plays several roles, indeed. The first goes to its storage power where the bench is able to keep small items like manicure set, documents, combs and towel. Next it is required to offer seating place for you, family or guests.

There were nice bedroom benches with storage that is split-able. In fact this new design piece is available for different usages and setting. You can develop it to huge cabinet bench or split it to individual bench storage piece that fits four corners of the room. This creative piece is a wow-wow creation that fits many contemporary designs. Moreover urban homes, particularly condominiums need it for space saving purposes.

Additional Storage & Drawers
The storage benches for bedroom usually come in single storage, perhaps one drawer only. However the new design bedroom storage bench can perform even more. It comes with extra drawers and storage lockers. You can classify the items by drawers or lockers as you wish. If the bench is split-able then it would be better. This means you can change its setting anytime you want. For more and not least the additional storage place keeps your room in tip-top condition, free of messy and untidy.

Lovely Cushion Pad & Upholstery
The bedroom storage bench cushions are important for bedroom decor. In another word the decorative and colorful bedroom storage benches sure will enhance the energetic power of the room. If you desired for classy and elegant style bedroom, then use the bench that upholstered with leather. There is choice for authentic and faux leather storage bench for bedroom which you can consider. Compare the bench in terms of prices, images and qualities. Get the one that best fit your requirements. There are some other artistic and marvelous design bedroom storage benches which might meet your interests. One of the best examples is floral print bedroom bench.

Rolled Arm & Casters
The decorative effort continues to the bench when demand comes. The rolled-arm bedroom storage bench seat is one of the best choices where people found this furniture is substituting to others like settees, dining chairs etc. The roll arm is preparing an additional resting place for your arms, back as well as the whole body. Not to forget the casters where these pieces are the main tools to transform the bench from stagnant to flexible. With the help of these babies, your bench is available for any rooms now. You can change your seating position anytime without standing up. This could be the cool feature that enhances the value of this furniture piece.

Coaster Button-Tufted Design Storage Bench, Brown Leatherette

Soft Tan Microfiber Storage Bench

Coaster Classic Storage Bench with Nailhead Trim Design, Tan Microfiber