Saddle Bar Stools – Two Main Roles

Apr 17, 2011

People started to know about the importance of stool when they can’t find a place to enjoy their martini. This happened in many places like bars, bistros, restaurants, even at homes when you equipped your home with nice bar counter. The stool is required to ensure a comfort place for enjoying wine, cocktail punch and other kinds of beverages. By the way among all stools, which one would be the best? Basically there were two major things you should look at before buying a bar stool. First you got to catch up the details of its materials. You should also decide which material type of bar stool you are looking for, for example wood bar stools, steel bar stools, wicker bar stool etc. Second you should look at the design of the stool, the design should be on its shapes, construct and patterns. Somehow be assured for the shape of the stool, it will affect the overall image of your bar counter.

A saddle bar stool is a hot choice for most bars and bistros. Its popularity is almost the same when people includes black dining bench to modern dining hall. The stool was chosen for few reasons and each one of them is pretty convincing. In another say, the stool is popular for solid reason. As far as concern the horse saddle bar stools are offering a “human touch” seating where super comfort, comfort and just in place. The curve of the saddle is offering the perfect seating for the user. These stools formerly found in western countries only, thus it was called as western saddle bar stools once a time ago. Nonetheless the trend of having this cool stool is extending to other countries too. For example for some classic style restaurant in Japan, this stool is the main furniture item when you walk in to the restaurant. It was placed right front of the entrance. Somehow the stool was enhanced with Japanese culture features like wicker seating and antique Japanese carvings.

The saddle bar stools also are the best pieces to compliments a bar décor. They are pretty important as these pieces are needed in few, not one. Most of the time they are taking half of the attention of a bar or bistro where the main service for these places are for serving beverages not food. The black saddle bar stools for example, is complimenting black bar décor. It helps to embellish the bar to present it elegantly and versatile. Thus the leather saddle bar stools are always the choice for classy bar and bistro setting. These stools are upholstered in either faux or genuine leather. It proves the stool is playing important part for making the success for a restaurant or bar, no doubt.

saddle bar stools(Picture Source: Saddle Bar Stools)

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