How to Build a Dining Room Bench?

Dec 10, 2009

Dining bench is a type of dining room furniture too. They can be the core seats for your dining sets or supplementary dining seats too. In some restaurants, dining benches become the main seats for the serving area. Dining bench is offered everywhere; it is not difficult to get them. However to get your ideal dining bench, you need time, budget and effort. As such in order to spend money and time to find your ideal dining table bench, why not construct one personalized dining bench for your self. You can obtain tremendous advantages of constructing your own dining bench. Besides satisfaction, your bench is much more quality in terms of the material used and the finishes.

There are few simple steps for you to build a dining bench. If you would like to make your dining room bench looks different, then you can add some additional features on it to make look special and unique. However here are some basic steps of building a dining bench, hope you can get some ideas and tips.

First of all, you need to select the timber for constructing your dining bench; either you prefer a oak dining bench or cherry wood dining bench. You must identify which type of wood is the best for making your bench. After you have selected the timber for constructing your dining benches, now come to measurement part. You need to decide the length and width of your dining bench. The measurement of the bench needs to be to fit your needs. Once you have all these details on hand, then now you can proceed for wood cutting.

If you need to make a good and quality dining bench, you must get ready your tool kit. As such, in general few tools involved like cut off saw, miter saw, nails, shellacs etc. Nevertheless you must also make sure all of you pieces are marked you are ready to start cutting. Thus you can use rough timer through a planer after you have made your cuts. Planning only what you need speeds up the process and puts less stress on the planner and the blades.

Now you can put the two pieces for the top face down and place the 1 inch pieces on the edges to hold the spacing. Coat lightly with wood glue and secure using small headed nail. Next stand the two leg pieces up, flip the top of the bench over on them. Space them were you want them and attach using wood screws (not nails because they WILL pull out and the bench will fall apart).

dining bench

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