A Compulsory Guide for Bar Stool Covers

Mar 31, 2011

Change the image of your bar stool by changing its cover. You can also add on covers to wood top or steel top of bar stool. Since there were many bar stool covers upholstery services offered in the market; thereby you can appoint one of them to renew the look of your bar stool. Somehow before you start to send your tools for upholster, please ensure the below detailing.

ShapeThe Shape of Bar Stool Cover That You Are Looking For

The bar stools covers are different for its shapes, for example the round bar stool covers are meant for round stools, no other shape of bar stool. The shape of a bar stool is important for affecting the overall image of bar counter, as well as to the overall décor for the bar. By the way the professional is able to offer you what you want, means they can deliver you all kinds shapes of bar stool cover you want, as long as you willing to pay for the cost.

MaterialYour Preferred material for the Stool Cover

The material is important for affecting the durability and outlook of a bar stool. As such before you deciding which upholstery service to take, make sure you identify your preferred material for the stools. At this point of time, leather and fabric are the two most popular bar stool covers where you noticed most bars and bistros stools are upholstered in them. For example a up-scale classy bar is come with tufted purple leather covers and these covers are adding value to the bar, to make the bar looks romantic and versatile. Other than that the bar stools covers vinyl is the preferred material for living home bar stools where the rustic surface of vinyl is waterproof and hard to against any external damages. Other than that vinyl, there were other fabrics that cool for the upholsteries too, for example the cotton and corduroy bar stool covers. These covers are the strong pieces that enhance the rustic look for a place and they fit to cottage style of bars and restaurants.

PatternThe desired Pattern for Your Bar Stool

Play pattern with the covers where beautiful prints of this cover is able to add sophistication to your bar. For example for a floral themed restaurant their bar stool is best to be upholstered with floral print bar stool covers too. Thus modern bars usually used exotic print of bar stool cover like the one in radiance reflection, circle dot or stunning stripes. Another example here where a zebra print theme bar is making sure their bar stool covers is in zebra prints too.

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