Bamboo Bar Stools for Rustic Room Setting

Mar 30, 2011

One of the best ways to make your bar counter looks rustic is to add it up with rustic look bamboo bar stools. The bar stool is obtainable somewhere if you know where to get it. By the way the stool was finished in two ways, either handmade or machine made. As far as concern the machine-made bamboo bar stool is sturdier than the machine-made one. Somehow this depends on the skills and techniques of the artisan. In another explanation, not all hand-made bamboo bar stools chairs are sturdy and strong. In fact as long as the stool is produced by the reliable supplier, where the quality of the stool was guaranteed, then you should get the stool that last longer with you.


Although the bamboo bar stools design is different from modern to vintage style, somehow the role of the stool is about the same, which to offer a comfort seating for your guests. You can consider placing several of these stools in of your bamboo bar counter. However the stool is used to match with other material type of counter table too. For vintage or retro bar and bistros, the vintage bamboo bar stools is needed to enhance the vintage feel and the stool is the message that telling the guest that the bar was operated in vintage theme. Same thing applied to modern décor theme bar, bistro and restaurant where modern look of this stool is the eye-catching piece that is able to add value to the place, not only from its look, but its function too.

Usages, Construct & Chair Pad

Another great thing about this stool is it is available for indoor and outdoor. By the way the indoor and bamboo bar stools is different from its features, in terms of chair pad material, bamboo type etc. For example faux bamboo bar stools are made of faux bamboo but not the original bamboo. This kind of synthetic material stool is becoming popular recently when bamboo is out of stock. Thus the stool is also differentiating from its chair pad, most of the time the chair pad of this stool is upholstered by leather, fabric, polyamide, nylon etc. Nevertheless for outdoor bamboo bar stool, waterproof material is required as these outdoor stools are exposed to weather change, rains, winds and snows throughout the year. As such make sure you identify the purpose of having these stools, either you need it indoor or outdoor. For example you might need red leather chair pad of bamboo bar stools when you designed your game room in red. Thus fabric upholstered stool is required to incur the homely feel for a bar.

bamboo bar stools

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